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Frequently Asked Questions

We have answers to your questions!

I’m afraid to go to the dentist. What can I do?

Call our friendly staff and tell them about your fears. By being open and unashamed in requesting assistance to control your anxiety, we will be better able to address your concerns and fears.

Are you accepting new patients?

Absolutely! We always accept new patients and look forward to exceeding your expectations.

What are the different payment options you provide?

We accept cash, checks, Visa, Discover, Mastercard, American Express, and CareCredit. You can apply online for CareCredit with this link.

We file all insurance for you and are happy to review your policy and coverage to determine what your estimated co-pay portions will be each visit. You are responsible for any amount not paid by your insurance policy. We are not a PPO for any insurance company plans.

What makes you different from any other dental practice I can visit?

We take pride in helping our patients receive their dental care in a setting that is friendly and professional. Our concern is providing what you want or need in an atmosphere that you can be completely comfortable in while knowing that you are receiving advanced, quality care.

What age does my child need to first see you?

Age 3 is typically a good age to have them come in for their first visit. It is a good idea to bring them to one of Mom or Dad’s visits first so that they can become familiar with our office. If your child has needs that may be traumatic to resolve, we may refer them to a pediatric dentist.

Is it bad for my gums to bleed after I brush my teeth?

Healthy gums do not bleed. It is a sign that there is an underlying problem that needs professional care.

I do not like getting X-rays. Why are they necessary?

X-rays are relatively harmless at the doses that are used in dentistry. However, we do understand your concerns and have addressed them with digital radiography. This new technology reduces the amount of radiation needed by 80-90% over conventional radiographs while offering improved images. This technology allows us to utilize various technical tools, which further improves the enhanced diagnostic capabilities.

I don’t like drills and the noise they make. Are there other options?

We use “quiet” hand-pieces that do not have the familiar sound of the older dental “drills.” We also use an air abrasion unit that relies on small particles to help banish decay without touching the tooth. This technique saves tooth structure and can be done often without the need for anesthesia. We can further drown out sounds with the use of noise reduction headphones and music.

How can I have whiter teeth?

Often, it is possible to lighten the teeth by using custom-made whitening trays. This technique works for most patients but sometimes it is necessary to place porcelain veneers or crowns to achieve the best results. We can discuss the best approach for you at your examination visit.

What do I do if I have an emergency when the office is closed?

We have an answering machine, which is checked over weekends and holidays. If Dr. Jordan is out of town, we will have another dentist take our calls. We recommend going to the nearest hospital emergency room if you have a serious emergency and Dr. Jordan is out of town or unreachable.

I have a temporary crown in my mouth. What happens if it comes off or breaks?

You need to contact our office at 912-537-7211 immediately. Tooth movement can result in problems so the quicker the temporary crown is replaced, the safer you are.

My child had an accident and a tooth was entirely knocked out. What do I do?

If possible, place the tooth in the mouth between the cheek and gum. If this can’t be done, place it in a glass of milk and see a dentist immediately. If the accident requires going to the hospital, let the emergency staff know that you have the tooth so they can try to re-implant it. The quicker this is done, the better.

I'm nervous about visiting the dentist. How can I overcome this fear?

We have a complimentary "get acquainted" visit, which takes place in a regular business office. Dr. Jordan will take the time to get to know you, so that you can become familiar with him in a non-office setting. You'll be able to ask any questions that you have, and Dr. Jordan will respond to you compassionately. We go the extra mile to gain your trust and ease your anxiety!

Can I only see a hygienist for cleaning?

Yes, that is possible. Mention this when you call to schedule your appointment.