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Patient Services in Vidalia, GA

We specialize in your smile.

Your concerns are important to us. We listen and take them to heart. Your trust is also important - all of your questions will be answered to your satisfaction before any treatment is started.

Our team provides a variety of services to enhance and restore your smile; however, one treatment sometimes just isn’t enough are not enough. You may need a combination to help you obtain the smile of your dreams!

Straightening teeth used to mean having to wear metal braces. While Invisalign may be the most familiar brand, there are other products available now that can seamlessly fix your smile. Simpli 5 was introduced as a new product in late 2006. The treatment consists of a set of removable, invisible, and comfortable aligners that can be used to treat one or both arches (upper/lower). Call for a no-obligation evaluation to see if your teeth can be straightened with Simpli 5.